I’ve been divorced for about 5 years and we have a son together. Anyway I moved on a year after the divorce and got into a relationship with a wonderful man. We had a baby boy in 2005 and we were happy in love….Until 2007 he passed away. Ever since he left us and went to heaven I’ve been healing and raising our son as best as I can myself. My ex-husband and I have always gotten along and our 7yo lives with him. He is not in a relationship and devotes all his time and effort to our son. Yes he’s a great daddy!!! He’s invited me every now and then to stay the weekend at his house so the boys could be together and of course I stay in my son’s room with the boys and my ex-husband stays in his own room so it won’t be weird. But lately I’ve been realizing how much different he has changed for the good…and how much more care he shows people and me really impresses me…like he grew up into a wonderful man. I mean we were in our early 20′s when we were married so I’m sure we both did some growing up.
Anyway…. I’m staring to care for him again. Kind of like when we first met. Like a little crush…I know he has always had that piece of my life and heart but I’m not sure if I should turn away from the feeling or let it be and hope he feels the same. IDK…He may not even like me that way anymore and I’m just going to get hurt if I see him fall for another woman.
Our son..lol…bless his little heart…tries to play match maker telling me his dad still loves me but he always says just kidding while giggling and tells me I wish you and daddy where married again.
I really don’t know what to do with my feelings…to be honest I don’t want to tell him because he may feel the total opposite and I’d be hurt if he told me that straight to my face.
What shall I do?…Should I just back off and give it time???

Do you think we could ever love each other again???
OMG…sorry about the words that I accidentally spelled wrong….I know it probably sounds childish so understand the best you can plz!!! :O)
To answer some of Peter’s Q….We divorced because we were to proud of ourselves thinking we each were right at everything and never gave each other a chance to give in and understand each other. Like I said we were young and stupid to let one another go just like that….and our son stays with his dad because he want’s to and I believe our son has every right to be with his dad. I raised him from a baby until he asked "mommy can I live with dad because I miss him" and I always want my boys to be happy so his dad and I agreed he could live with him. He’s daddy boy and the only grandchild on his dads side so you could imagine how much attention he gets from his dads family.

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