How do you get back the sexual energy you had when you were younger. I am 30, my wife is 25. We have one beautiful 7 yr old daughter, and another on the way.

When we were younger, only like five years ago we could make exciting passionate love all nite long, like 9 times a week sometimes, but the past couple years, it hasn’t been the same as when we were like 24 and 19.

She says I’ve gotten boring, and need to spice our love life up again.

She thinks i am not attracted to her anymore, which I am. she is a very beautiful petite ll woman, any man would love.
I planned for a weekend away to a cabin just the two of us.

Also, she knows I love it when she wears her “little nighty’s”, or one of my t-shirts which barely cover her smooth tights, which she did when she was younger.

She doesn’t do that anymore though.

I was perfectly fine with our love life. She is the one who wants a lot more of it, and wants more passionate love making. I am trying to lo ask advice, tips on how to make it better for her.

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