MY husband and I have been married almost four years just short of two weeks. For about the last 8 months I have just felt that the flame has just burnt out. He says he loves me and I really do believe him, and I really love him. He just doesn’t make any effort to prove it. All he ever want’s to talk about is Sport’s, music, and his hobbies. Which is fine but EVERYDAY ALL DAY get’s so old. We both work full time and I don’t mind a bit taking care of him. I try my best to do most everything around the house, the only thing he has to do is take out the garbage. Which never get’s done. He just want’s to sit in front of the T.V or on the computer. Then we have the sex life. He seems to really think he’s making me happy, but it’s blah. I mean I usually try to avoid physical contact with him at this point. He says this hurts him, but he doesn’t understand how much he hurts me by constantly shutting me out.
Please someone help me out. How can I get the spark we once had back. I’ve tried reading books, being completely in tuned with his thought and hobbies nothing is working. He thinks everything is getting better but I’m the only one making an effort.
I should clarify that yes I have tried just sitting down and talking to him. We had a great heart to heart about 6 months ago. Then everything stayed the same. I realize marriage is not a game. It’s a lot of hard work. But is it to much to ask that everyone does a little work. I strongly believe in marriage and I really know he is the one im destined to be with. I just need help digging out of this rut we have hit

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