I was madly, deeply, would have done anything for my ex in love. But he just did not want mature and take on adult repsonsiblities. So now that we’re seperated and have a 6month daughter, he still rathers to hustle than work. I didnt want this lifestyle for the rest of my life nor for my daughter. ya know, i want a family and ‘husband’ who will take care of us, etc. So i made the hardest decision ive ever had to make in my life and thats choose to leave him and not get back with him because he doesnt want to straighten up or grow up,do right by me or the baby and take on some adult responsibility. You guys, ….but i LOVE him. (fast forward) there is a new guy in my life who is EVERYTHING i prayed for…my heart just isnt with him becuase everything he’s doing, i wanted so bad for my ex to do.(he is sooo wonderful and i know he’s right for me and he LOVES my daughter) He’s even talking about marriage!!!!..So since my ex doesnt want me the way i want him, im sticking with the new guy…but will i ever be able to fall in love again…?? Will i ever be on cloud nine like i was with my ex? Mature advice ONLY.
Thanks you guys….. i REALLY needed to hear those things…

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