How can I get revenge on my fiances ex wife! She’s evil and fat!?

My fiance and I are very happy together but his ex wife is the devil! He has 2 kids and she uses them as pawns nor does she spend any time with them. She has told people that I am gay and my fiance is a loser alcoholic drug addict meanwhile this is not the case obviously! She cheated on him took the house used his for money and now takes us to court at least 1-2 times a month always wanting more more more! The kids love us and we know that they would rather be with us so…my question is how can we make her life miserable like she has done to us the past year and she will continue to do so forever! She is fat, ugly and 7 yrs older then me so…the obvious fat jokes dont work on her she has heard them all! thanks for your help!

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37 Responses to “How can I get revenge on my fiances ex wife! She’s evil and fat!?”

  • Kristin says:

    I’m sorry to hear that, that sounds miserable to have to live with. I’m going through a similar situation with my husband’s ex & she tries to pull similar things & gets away with everything!

    My advice would be this: If you’re having custody/placement issues, get a good lawyer and make sure you have as little contact as possible with the Mom. We’re currently going through this process & the lawyer is going to be able to add thing into it regarding the other "obnoxious" things she’s been doing so that its put in writing.

    My next advice would be this: she is his past, period. She may be involved because of the kids, but that is all, anything past that, as another person said, is inconsequential. She doesn’t matter (other than being a huge annoyance) and the more YOU let her bother you, the more you let her win! Don’t let her immaturity cause you to act the same way BE THE BIGGER PERSON & show the kids what it means to be an adult. I know some of the things you probably said out of anger, which I’ve caught myself on as well, but it doesn’t do any good - the best option is to fight "on paper" as mature adults and don’t waste your time with her! (If she’s taking you to court that much, the courts are probably getting really annoyed with her, have you tried filing anything against her for the constant expenses/harassment she is costing your family?)

    Good luck, hope things get better!

  • Mike says:

    sue for harassment
    restraining order
    defamation and the like

  • consigliere says:

    The best revenge is being happy. Do not allow her to invade your peace of mind.

  • † Rob † says:

    Since she is fat, tie her down and hold a turkey leg just out of reach.

  • military_mummy says:

    Don’t stoop to her level.

    Get a good lawyer and legally prove you can provide a better home for the kids.

  • Edward says:

    why do you want to stoop to her level???????
    just ignore her.
    if you are not gay, if your fiance is not a loser alcoholic drug addict, then you have nothing to worry about. the courts will be in your favor and she will look like a liar.

  • neko_chaness says:

    Maybe the real bad guy here is you.
    You shouldn’t get revenge on your step child’s parent.

  • HollyyMarie says:

    by your attitude you’re just as ugly as her

    all 3 of you need to grow the fck up
    this isnt high school!


  • Joe xXx J says:

    Keep putting bulldogs in her house/yard.
    Or forgive and Forget.
    True evil can be vanquished easily!

  • LoveLola says:

    kill her with kindness. that always pisses people off the most!

  • roninryu8 says:

    Well it sounds like she has custody of the kids, so whatever you do, make sure it has nothing to do with them and won’t harm them in any way.

  • A Bboy's Flow says:

    SUE her ass back to hell!!

  • ginawinabean says:

    ha i remember when i wanted to get back at someone so i bought 50 rats and let them loose in their house. boy i was mean. but you aren’t supposed to do evil for evil you’re supposed to turn the other cheek and let them get what’s going to come to them.

  • says:

    If the children are involved, I would not seek revenge. I’m assuming that they love you because you are not acting like their mother. I know it’s probably awful and I would want revenge as well, but the best thing to do is stay strong and don’t stoop to her level.

  • Pati says:

    Do what ever you want but don’t take the kids away because she and the kids won’t be happy i know i wouldn’t

  • avi says:

    Your husband’s ex-wife is upset that her loser, alcoholic, drug-addicted ex-husband has a gay, child-bride. She’s having trouble accepting it. Give her some time.

  • Wildflower says:

    You don’t need to try to get revenge.. every day that you are in your fiance’s life, you are getting all the "revenge" you could ever ask for.. She sees him happy with you, happy with the children, and doing well together.. want to dig a little deeper, be nice to her… trust me, you couldn’t do anything "nasty" that would hurt as much.. Also, don’t let her have control over you by making you be angry or upset over her games.. just live your life. you only get one..

  • mich says:

    Yeah you have reason to be upset… HOWEVER :) You should act like the grown up and not go down to her level. It won’t solve anything nor will it teach those kids anything of value. I’m sure they are picking up on everything going on. She is their mother and no matter what they will love her. Think about those kids that are watching you. Handle this with in an adult and mature way, you’ll eventually come out on top.

  • CHICKAFLIC says:

    take her to court and fight for the custody of the two kids… i mean if u want them

  • Lord Percy says:

    have a good life with her ex husband
    doeant sound much?
    it is what will wound her most
    because its something she can never have

    just keep telling her how good life is how happy you are
    what a great guy he is

  • Sabrina says:

    offer her some cookies with ex-lax
    she’ll eat them because shes fat and the night shes crapping her intestines out go out for dinner and tell the kids to call her and say hi and ask how shes doing :P

  • babygrrl says:

    You need to rise above her immaturity. Do try to stay legal. Remember that this is the mother of your stepchildren, so don’t forget to keep snarky comments to yourself. With regards to her always bringing your fiance to court, any decent judge is going to realize that these actions are frivolous. Make sure to find yourself a great family lawyer. Keep your head up, and good luck!

  • animallover says:

    Tell her to leave you alone.If she does not listen give her many warnings.If it gets to far put a restraining order against her.Ignore her.Just do not be rude, good luck!

  • flyingbutt8642 says:

    Take a family photo of you your fiance and the kids all smiling in front of your house or doing something fun and make it into a greeting card type thing at a local CVS on the photo machine I am a photo tech at a cvs and you can add a personal message something like "One big happy family" she will think you sent them to more then just her and will see how happy you are all together! This is a sure bet to make her jealous! If this doesn’t work bologna take the paint off cars pretty easily

  • SoundHorizon says:

    Kill her. Killing is the answer to every problem. Or, sign her up for a lot of random shet without her knowing to piss her off.

  • mamamoon says:

    How about you grow up and put the benefits of the children first instead of caring what she is saying to who.
    I’m taking it she has custody of the children since you say she keeps taking your fiance back to court so how is she not spending time with them?
    By the way she isn’t taking YOU to court just your fiance.

  • Friendof theanimalworld says:

    Trying to get revenge will turn you into a miserable person for you can never really feel satisfied, there will always be something else. After all, you have him, maybe the best revenge is being happy together with him despite her devious behaviors. Please, I know how this situation can be, have been where you are and believe me, fighting her and just trying to make her miserable will sap your energy and he will see that evil side of you just as he is seeing her evil side. I say bite your tongue and let it be, one day the kids will be grown and I wish I could say it all ends there but it doesn’t. She has a lasting bond with him whether or not you wish it wasn’t so because of the kids. Save your energy for more important things.

  • BeeBee says:

    i believe the best thing you can do is be happy and no effected by her behaviour

    to think like the ex wife you have to be like her is that what you want

    you have given her power withdraw it by being as happy as you can go get yourself a beautiful dress and do yourself up and feel good about yourself leave her to her miseries

    good luck remember always out nice never out nasty people for your own piece of mind

  • daljack -a girl says:

    Grow up!!!!

    You’re going to be a wife and a step-mother to his children.

    If she’s a nut….ignore her.

    If she’s fat and evil…..ignore her….what does that have to do with you.

    If your fiance is a mature responsible he should deal with this ex-wife.

  • Kim says:

    Why are you so set on revenge?
    If you feel that the children would be better off with their father, then try to win custody. It’s odd to me that the only thing you can think of is that she is fat and ugly.
    Sounds like there are issues with a low maturity level on both sides. Don’t stoop to her level, be the adult, and be the best step parent you can be for the children.
    You won’t win over these kids by calling their mother names, or trying to get revenge.

  • R G says:

    DO THIS THE SMART WAY make a diary of everything that you think could be usefull, any paperwork bills etc any ripping off that she has done from the govt system etc. any police files reported etc get anything you can. Also go with the Gay thing OK trust me the more you fight it the more she thrives of your misery. Just Go with that one in terms of agreeing to it not practising it. Same with your partner just dont bite back cos’ thats what she want you to do she wants a reaction
    You need to be very crafty. If she is recieving Govt payments dob her in to social security as a fraud or something like that
    Take photos, Make genuine police reports regaring her behavoir if you feel it’s a threat.
    Also call annonamously to child walfare and file as many reports as you can regarding how she treats her children etc

  • Invisigoth says:

    the best revenge is to have a wonderful life together despite her gossiping about you and trying to drive a wedge between you.

    the less you let what she does bother you, the angrier and more put out she’ll be.

  • answergirl says:

    why do you want to get revenge…then you are as bad as she is. So what she’s fat. Live better and well. If she is such a bad mother than your boyfriend should sue for custody and let her pay him child support. Since he’s just your boyfriend you really have nothing to do with it….

  • Complicated says:

    I bet she tried to get revenge on someone and that’s how she became ugly. Revenge makes you UGLY. Why get down in the mud with the pigs? Doesn’t that make you, also, a muddy, dirty pig?

    Walk away and demonstrate what character looks like. Some people have never seen it before, sadly.

  • Spindrift says:

    Hire an attorney to send her a certified letter advising her if she continues to abuse and harass you will see her in court. What she is doing is illegal as well as annoying. You can also get sole custody of the kids she sounds unbalanced.

  • ny says:

    loser. find a man with no baggage.

  • Helicreature says:

    You could of course try growing up.

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Free 7-Step Ex Back Action Plan!
First Name:

(Your details will never be sold or passed on to a third party)

Ecourse Contents:

1. Learn why you broke up.

2. Learn to control your emotions.

3. Avoid the top 6 things that will drive your ex away.

4. Why a 30-day no contact period really works.

5. Why you should get physically and mentally fit.

6. The importance of socialising.

7. Calling your ex again for the first time.

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