Married 8years.Everything was great in our marriage untill about 4 yrs ago when i cheated on her. Stayed together.(she says the only reason she stayed with me was because of our then 6 month old baby).I quit my job, sold my new vehicle, and did all of the things required to change my life.There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t feel guilty for what i did.I’m different now..everything I do is to preserve our family(cook, clean,active with our child). Also I do romantic things, flowers,etc..I’ve been starting a new business for the last year and money has been tight. She is bitter because we used up a small saving account to survive the last year. We are not in debt except for some money we borrowed from her mother and my father. My business is really taking off and I ‘ve told her she can quit her job and take the job she really wants! Now that things are getting better she tells me she doesn’t love me anymore and wants a divorce.We tried seperation and counseling???? Is there hope?
I really am a good man … I made a horribly mistake 4 years ago and I will do anything to preserve our family!! I would appreciated anyones constructive advise!
sorry about the spelling!
I guess one thing I need to add is that during and after counseling she said she loved me and wanted to work on marriage… then a few weeks later she stopped working on our marriage…when I asked her why …she just said I don’t love you anymore. I’m little concern she might have some degree of depression…due to the fact that her mood changes quickly…and she never seems to be able to look at most situations in a positive manner!! I do love her dearly and would do anything to make her and my daughter happy!

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