My boyfriend broke up with me three days ago. I’m over the whole breakup and I’m ready to talk to him, I just don’t want to make the move and have him move further away from me. When do you think I should talk to him? Also, I am really curious as to why he broke up with me because he didn’t say, and I also want to ask him that, but I’m afraid it will drive him away even more.

It was just a month of dating, but he broke up with me over something really lame, or I guess something not there that he wanted.

I really want him back unless it is because he is not attracted to me anymore. Because then it would be useless, me getting what I want and making him feel guilty. Just like I declined his friendship that he really wanted so badly because I didn’t want to be left here feeling empty, but I guess I might take it if I can’t have the relationship.

Any thoughts?

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