Well me and my ex jason havint talked for 2 months since we broke up we were together for 10 months he has another gf but its so obvious he still likes me.. well anyway him and his friends drew a huge picture in the cement at school saying my name MARIAH HOPE next to a picture of my face sucking a huge .. uhh Guys bits.. and this picture was really big,,,i told my friend and she got mad at me she said to me .. have you considered hes doing all this to make you not like him.. so do you think its a good idea that i draw a Big picture on the PE wall where he hangs out i thought of Him and his bestfriend him taking it up the bum and saying Revenge is sweeter than you ever were.. i know it sounds so immuture but his best friend starts so much shit and im made and my ex for everything.. i didnt want it to come to this but im fed up.. i didnt want to go down being the "Bitch of a girlfriend" i wanted to go down being the really sweet one.. but you have to do what you have to do?? What do you think??

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