God created marriage for a very inportaint reason, It is not just a simple act of posesion or controle for man over a woman, as religion has interpreted, but is in fact a joinning that no man can undo till death do it part. The real joinning is when a man & a woman create a new life from their seprit lives into one new one, like a child in fact is! A child is the joined DNA of both of them as one new life. and this life has a reason to be created, because it is this new life of their flesh that will carry their spirits in life tomorrow, in fact saving them and their lifes spirit of life in it after their sepret bodys are dead. What you both have learned from life and gained by living or have become because of what you have lived, is your spirits that are meant to be put into that new life. joined in flesh and in spirit in one new life forever, that no man can undo or come in between! Share your thought in one life together and live another day to grow even more together! Body & soul
Marriage with a real meaning to life over death! A Marriage of God. Not just a image!!!!
Can you give marriage a better meaning to life or God!
Why would our joinning concern God if not for a great reason?
Is Marriage how we are risen from the dead? Is our children our tomorrow of life?
After all, Marriage is meant for sex and sex offers you both a new life. Why?
The end results is the child and is the clue to the reason in the first place!
Why have sex if not to create a child or why get married if not to have sex? So What is the true reason of great meaning for creating a child, not just to populate, but to raise your spirits from death and keep them alive!

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