My husband found out I had cheated on him. He found some text messages on my cell phone and I confessed to the cheating. We lived apart for a couple of months and during that time we barely spoke. I heard he was spending a lot of time with a bartender that works at the local bar. I also found some text messages on his phone but he denys doing anything with her, and they are only friends and she is fun. Since then he has told me he wants me back, but he doesn’t want to change his lifestyle. He goes out 3-4 times a week and he comes home at all hours of the night. I think he still sees her and it bothers me. When I bring her up or bring up his going out he gets defensive and tells me that I’m a nag and I am smothering him. He told me that he wants me to relax and chill out and our marriage will work. I do smother him, because I want answers and he won’t talk to me. I have gotten advice to leave him alone and see where it goes. Is this the right choice and will he love me again?

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