My ex and I have not talked in over 8 months…we have a daughter together and of course he sees her on weekends, but when he came to pick her up/drop her off. We barley talked at all.

Now this time he stayed to talk to me for like 30 minutes while his car was running outside, and he even said that he didn’t wanna leave because he would miss his daughter.

But he never ever says that especially when he had her the whole weekend.

Does this mean hes trying to get me back?

Or maybe hes scared to tell me something?

Please help! I need advice!!

And to add some more detail… I kept telling him his car was running and that he would waste gas and he said oh I don’t care its not that good on gas anyway…and he kept telling me about how work is and this and that…

Why would he get me involved in his life like that?

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