I need some advice. How do you just accept someone for who they are? I am so frustrated because my husband doesn’t evolve. We’ve been married for two years, and he’s still exactly the same as when we got married. I do things to cater to him now that I didn’t do when we first got together, but he doesn’t cater to me at all.

I’ve conformed a little in the best interest of this relationship; he is resistant to conform at all.

How do I let that go?

How do I just accept that my husband is never going to listen to my advice so there’s no point in voicing it, because he’s always right even when he’s wrong. Today, he didn’t listen to me again and he was wrong again…and I didn’t even bother saying "I told you so" because that does no good! What would’ve done good would’ve been if he’d LISTENED TO ME IN THE FIRST PLACE!

How do I just let that go?

I constantly see the "little things" that my husband could have done for me, that I would’ve done for him had the roles been reversed.

Today he drove his motorcycle to my office and borrowed my car to run an errand. When he brought the car back, he could have thoughtfully parked it right in front of my office in a metered parking space, but instead he parked it three blocks away where his motorcycle was parked in the parking garage.

This is not a big deal, but I know that if the roles were reversed, I would’ve parked right in front of his workplace, walked the three blocks to the motorcycle and then called him with the sweet surprise that he doesn’t have to walk the three blocks to the parking garage after he gets off work.

Why is it that I can think of thoughtful little things like this to show him that I love him but he can’t!?! And because he’s a man, he’s never going to change into someone that is as thoughtful as I am, so how do I just let that go???


I’m tired of being frustrated with him! I just need to know how to stop thinking of ways that he could be a better husband and just let it go because he’s not going to change and I’m tired of being frustrated all the time!!!!

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