im 20 years old and after 5 years my gf/fiance up and left me out of no where. I am a good guy and she constantly told me day after day that we would always be together so i finally believed her and was happy that she was the one i would be starting a family with/ grow old with. Then i get a phone call when she was on her way home from work and she said "i dont know anymore". and later on that i dont know turned into "im threw". so i lost her and its she says its my fault. I feel like such shit that i dont know what to do. i would give anything to have her back but im trying to accept that its never going to happen. I was her one and only ever, sexually and the only one shes ever truely loved. It killlllls me to think of her doing anything with anyone else ever and its all i seem to think about. i can occupy myself like crazy but i still think about her non stop. Will i ever find true love like that again??? i truely gave her all of my heart and feel as though nothing is left. I feel like an empty vessel. I dont have many friends because i spent all my time with her and i was happy doing so. i certantly dont have many girls that i know bc she was the jealous type which to be honest i kinda liked bc it let me know that she cares. PLLS can someone with experience/ good knowledge on the topic help me??

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