basically i went out with this girl for a year+ but through the entire year their were so many problems. we started going out over the summer, then school started back up and we both got extremely over jealous/protective but we still loved each other. we broke up for a month, got back together then she thought i was cheating on her cause i was talking to a couple girls she didn’t like because they were ex’s but i was friends with for years then she threw this giant fit about it so i didn’t call her over the Weekend and she broke up with me and asked me out the next day and said no then she started going out with this other guy and she kept ignoring me so i could never get back with her, then when i got her she said she didn’t deserve me cause of all the trouble i would get in with school and cops, and how she said she couldn’t trust me, and a guy she could actually control, but we had a son together but we had to get an abortion (we were both against it but their was nothing else left to do), and that’s probably whats keeping me attached, we’ve been broken up for 3 months and im still not over her, and all i have is to think about our son, and whenever we talked she would always say she loved me back and missed me but she cant, then would ignore me for another week+ ive tried being strong, ive tried being a bitch, i walked 5 miles in the rain to give her a dozen roses to try…same thing, she tells me to move on but i cant, idk how else i can win her back, any ideas?

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