i liked this girl for a while then i finally have the guts to ask her out. when i was with her she made me feel like nothing is impossbile. i can actually accomplished my goal. i got into a car accident and ever since then i worry for my love ones. as time goes by i didn’t know i was over protecting her. no one told me. so one day in december. she asked me what happen if she still want to be with me but at the same time she want to break up. i didn’t believe her at first but she was serious. i didn’t know what to do because i actually cried over her. she was the first girl i actually cried over. she told me that she needed some space and time alone for now and we "might" have a chance in the future. it been almost a month after the break up and i still love her so much. i just want her to feel the same way back. we actually planned out so much for the future like it was my dream. i felt like she was the one for me but now what can i do to make her get back with me and feel the same way

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