After almost 2 months without seeing my 11-year old son, I decided to petition the court for visitation. I accompanied my son on his 5th grade senior trip on June 23, 2009 and spoke to him on June 25, 2009 for the last time. I have not seen or spoken to my son since the last week in June 2009. All my text messages and phone calls in a desperate attempt to reach my son have been prevented or blocked by my ex-wife for reasons unknown to me. So, I went to family court and got my papers to serve her for visitation. Why not? I work 32 hours a week at .50 an hour plus the WEEKLY child support deducted is 9. I could not allow the abuse anymore. Is she out to destroy me? Will she get upset if I take her to court for visitation? What revenge can I possibly look for?

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