We’re a young couple, he’s 24 and I’m 23. I’m living with my mother with my 11 mons daughter in North CA because my husband only needs his family especially his mom. Our life at his house(South CA) was depressed and misery. I moved back to North for my education degree because there’s no way that we can survive when we’re both work for a little money. He wants to stay with his family forever and he spends all the money for his family the hard thing is his family is gre edy over his money. They always tell me that they want him to save money for my daughter but always ask for his money. When I’m back to North his mom told him to stop calling me and he did, he ended our relationship, "we can’t be together anymore, my family hate you for bringing their grandaughter away." I was out of words but cried, why in this world he done this to us?I’m pregnant again and he doesn’t care.He never understand the world responsibility.Seriously, lots of things happened that I can’t handle the life there
Is there any book or anything for him to realizes how much his children and wife important to him? etc…
thank you all

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