Ok me and my ex-girlfriend broke up because we where both going to different schools and we would never see each other as we both live on the opposite side of town (that was back in 2007)

Since then she has had 1 boyfriend and they both broke up so she is single now,

since we both live on the opposite side of town we never see each other but we always keep each other posted on what’s going on over MSN,

Lately this month we have been talking more and more over MSN and i still have feelings for her but i dont know if she still has feelings for me =/ I really want to get back together with her but again i dont know if she feels the same as i do..

Now we both have cars now and can drive so we could easily see each other now

Ive been contemplating about asking her to go see a movie or just meet somewhere so we can just hang out. but i dono..

what should i do?

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