I honored my g/f and we never had sex-and I havent heard from her in 1 day-she went to a bible conference-said she had alot to share with me-yesterday and havent heard from her since, Jesus is comforting me but its not easy-and I am shairing His love with others what else can I do. now I feel better already

John 3 Jesus says repent and be born anew-to see the kingdom of heaven– i did how about you–dont tell me he is dead or never existed

I am born a Jew and my mom had a funeral for me for letting Jesus into my heart to save me and be my Messiah and best friend. and taken out of our family will for it too-would i believe a lie lose my mom and rich money too for a lie????

have a great day and
who is more important your/my girl friend-or the Messiah Jesus?
I use to be a slutty guy-and Jesus delivered me -and I did tell my girl about this-she desired a b/f to marry who had never kissed a girl-but we have been in love for months now-and in honor too we share bible and its more fun than all the sex and drinkin and whatever that i ever did in my life -to have sweet tender hearted caring love.

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