So i have been married almost 9 years, and i have fallen completely out of love with my husband. I was actually talking to someone else who made me feel great, wonderful and beautiful. But it was just talking and I decided since i was married it would be better to just be friends. Me and this other guy have never done anything, bad or inappropriate, but i want to work things out with my husband. My husband knows that their are many things that are wrong. So how do i fall in love with him again? How do i rekindle the passion, it is almost 9 years later 2 kids, and a miserable wife.

P.S. My husband is not romantic at all, he is very cold and the sex has gotten pretty bad and non-existing the last 2 years.
I am romantic, loving, etc. I do all of it. I plan our romance i am tired of it all being sooo one sided. I want him to be the impulsive one, i want him to want to make love to me, i am just tired of initiating evreything in the relationship from buying all the food, his clothes to jumping his bones.

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