he broke up with me practically two weeks ago and i was his first real love and relationship.

i felt like he got sick of me because we usually always argued but he did regret breaking up with me 3 nights later when i was not even speaking with him.

he told me we need to fix things before we got back together and he flirted with me that whole night we hungout of us not talking for 3 days.

like the night was going great he was flirting with me and we were started drinking out on my back patio. We were having fun but i think i got real pissed off when we went and smoked weed because the way he was acting turned me off so i started cussing at him

I think i ruined my chance of like ever getting back with him…
like he really did care for me and he did love me..
we just always got frustrated when we were around eachother and i kinda stopped eating because i was depressed.

I really dont think he cares about me and i havent talked to him in 3 days because he came with his friends and my friends to a party and we didnt talk since… i think its really over after all that hard effort of 10 months of dating but to be honest i was his first real relationship and he was mine… and i did take his v-card to put in… like i want him back….. Is 2 weeks a long time for a break up… what should i do to get him back to me…?

!!!!!!please help. thanks

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