Before we were married. Love from the start.
I never dreamed that some day we’d part.
You knew that I loved you. You just Jad to know.
The note on your mirror, Said I loved you so.
The day we ended. Our marriage was dead.
The day you asked a stranger to bed.
He didn’t protect you. You’re not on the pill.
You could have got pregnant. I said I loved you still
I trusted you, you never lied.
While he was inside. you said you cried.
The vision I have , Of him on top.
The sight of you crying. Him refusing to stop.
I promised to protect you. Myself I can’t save.
The vision Will haunt me. Till I lie in my grave.
I hope he dies slowly. And in terrible pain.
I would do it myself . To the man with no name.

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