How To Prove To My Wife I Love Her
I have been married 6 months now. My story starts 5 months before we were married I participated in an online porn sight via web cam, and once again 4 months after we were married.

I have talked down to my wife and and at times been mean to her. For the past two months I have been clean of the porn and seeking professional help for that problem.

I have been trying to change my ways with how I talk to my wife. She has told me she wants to separate and have space to think about what she wants to do.

I now realize my mistakes and I am trying to change to prove to her that she is my life. I am having a hard time letting her go and giving space.

She tells me she still loves, but not in love with me anymore.

Can I get her to feel love again for me. I love this woman with all my heart, just didn’t realize I was hurting her so bad. I just don’t know what to do during this space period not knowing if she will come back to me.

What can I do to win her back, and show her I’m changing.

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