Hi,Me and my husband we both are physician. we knew each other for one year and then decided to marry .After our marriage my mother in law was staying with us for 6 months and his brother was staying with us . I never liked this situation but i have loved my husband so i kept quiet an accepted the situation. His mother went back to home country but his brother was still staying with us it has been 2 yrs that his brother was in the house ,not working , sitting at home and i never got privacy with my husband and since last 1 year I stopped talking to his brother and so me and my husband had lots of fight regarding this situation and i told him that we can rent an apartment and financially support his brother but i can’t live in joint family.He got really angry and we had lots of arguments and his brother was aware about this situation and they both left home and now he had sent me a divorce noitce and we had filed a divorce. I love him and wants to spend my life with him but i can’t live in joint family. at this time i am in different state doing my job and my husband and his brother are in different state because my husband has a job there.so I am thinking can i agree at this time with my husband that i don’t mind if you brother stays with us. (probably after 1 yr he will get a job and move out – i will not tell him that but keep it in my mind) does any body has any input can i do this to save my marriage??? will my husband behvae normally with me??
Thanks .

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