How To Write a Love Letter To Your Husband. Pen, Paper and Your Heart

How To Write a Love Letter To Your Husband

Writing love letters is considered to be a pretty romantic and old fashioned idea. With cell phones, emails and applications like Skype making it easy to communicate, letter writing is usually left behind in the race as a means of communication.

How To Write a Love Letter For HimMy mother usually talks about the times when everyone had to resort to letter writing to communicate with each other.

Other than shouting really loudly from far away, there really was no other alternative and a well written letter was a real treat.

Similarly, love letters were secret means of communication. Sweethearts would wait for weeks just for the chance to get one and sigh endlessly over their charming contents.

 Here’s How You Write To Instantly Melt His Heart…

Inspiring Relationship Quotes And SayingsWhen email, internet and cell phones were introduced, everyone cheered with joy to be able to contact their loved ones so easily but if you are a true romantic, you’ll miss not having experienced the love letter era.

Love letters are more lasting symbols of your verbal declaration of love than emails, text messages or calls since their effect can a life time.

However, before you waste all your time pining away, how about you look to the person next to you?

If you’re like me, you probably married for love and your spouse is the love of your life. You probably tell each other you love them but sometimes, you just lack the words or want to do something more special.

So here’s what I did and what you can do too, write a love letter to your husband. Sometimes, your spouse is unable to be with you because they’re posted in a different city for a job etc.

Whatever the reason, you can let them know you’re thinking about them by sending them a love letter. It will be more gladly received because it was so unexpected.

But how do you start writing a letter?

When I picked up the pen, the feelings inside my heart felt so complex that I felt I could never get started, so here is my tip on how to write a love letter to your husband.

Keep it simple. This is the easiest step you need to know on how to write a love letter to your husband. When you’re writing, don’t get overwhelmed. Keep the letter as simple as possible. If you get muddled in your words, take a break to think a bit.

However, if that still hasn’t un-jumbled the knot in your thoughts, you can take some help from websites like 101 Romantic Love Letters. Honestly, before I got the hang of it, I went there and now I have a stock full of ideas to use. The site belongs to Jill Brennan, a relationship coach.

The website offers different eBooks by Jill Brennan on how to write a love letter to your husband. They not only offer tips and tricks but even templates that you can use and add your own personal flair to.

If you don’t wish to make a purchase, you can sign up to receive free romantic tips. Either way, it’s definitely worth visiting.

And if you like the tips, you can think about investing in the eBook. You can’t really put a price tag on love now, can you?

I’d really like to know if you guys have any ideas for writing love letters. Be sure to leave me a comment so I can check it out.

– Stephanie -

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