You bite your fingernails or pick at your hair. While these habits are annoying in nature and unnerving and frustrating to others, they aren’t as harmful to a marriage as the bad habits that married couples accumulate together. If you’re married, you’re probably familiar with the kinds of bad habits that can creep into your otherwise blissful union. Find out how to save your marriage from these common bad habits. Plus: What’s your movie star sex style or play girl books? when your wife ask you for sex and you say i dont need sex or if she has her butt showing this should turn his ass on but it dont again its your fault that we never had kidsPricelees Treasure tenderness that they will never have bad habits to him ,He can go in the bathroom and look at playgirl book and get trun on but not with his wife…… never has money she gets mad at him moves out, Divorce time never has the courage to tell her the truth that he lives in a gay life fighting always one big battle who gets this and that so lady’s if you husband go to walmart late at night with out you he looks for blue light special lol,How can you go in a store with out money and shop? I would feel like a rejecte,I have alot of gay friends and i never did rejecte them i will be glad to say i am still your friend

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