Is she coming back
I met this amazing girl at an after party in my apartment. We ended up sharing a bed and kissed/cuddled/talked all night. The next morning she and he girlfriend drove home.

Later she sent me a text. And the following days, we planned to meet again. The next time we met, we shared a bed again but this time we had sex. And the sex was really good, for both of us as far as I can tell.

Okay this was the beginning.. we slept together many more times in her apartment and in mine. But it wasn’t all sex of course. We met at a restaurant sometimes and talked.

Everything was great. She likes to go out and drink in the weekends and so do i, so we would always meet up when we went out and mostly sleep together after ;)

I love her so dearly.

I’m not portraying our relationship in the best way. Please keep that in mind.

When we we’re alone together we could talk about anything… ;P A couple of times we had sex without a condom even though I brought one with me. Which was stupid, I know ;)

But we would both just joke about it. And she didn’t worry that much about getting pregnant she said. I of course expressed my concerns a little bit. We ended up discussing silly baby names and laughing about it =)

We are both just over 20.

I basically stole her from her ex-bf who she had been with for several years, he was manipulative and refused to let her go. He showed up when we would go out and they would go outside and discuss…

Eventually he gave up. And she told me how happy she was to be rid off him.

All her friends was very happy I had “saved” her from him.

She told me they had been on and off before. Also told me that she couldn’t believe she was together with that unstable guy.

After about 2-3 weeks, she traveled to another country for a week with a member of her family. I was fine with this, though I told her I missed her, and we both texted each other a lot while she was gone.

Then after around 2 more weeks, she traveled again with her friend to another country for a week. Before she went she told me how much she didn’t want to leave me. And how much she didn’t want to go. But she promised her friend.

Now comes the crushing part.

She texted me many times the whole week she was gone. How she missed me, and how she wanted to be with me. How she wanted to sleep with me. How boring it was there.

When she got home, she texted me to let me know she was back.
Now the confusion starts. The next couple of days she was back, she tells me she is sick with flu. And we text a little with bit with each other, but the next days I’m always the initiator. I always texted first, else she wouldn’t send me anything.

I tried to invite her over, but she was busy helping a girlfriend. Then after 2 weeks of not seeing each other. I ask her, “is everything okay with us?”. She says “I don’t know, I think too much”.

Then I say “Please tell me now if you don’t want to continue with me”.
She says “I don’t know, I don’t think I’m ready for a relationship right now. I need to get over my ex, I’ve been with him for so long I need some time alone”.

I said “ok”. But at night it gets to hard and I text her, telling her how I feel and how much I like her. And I don’t want to loose her. She texts me back saying “I like you very much, I don’t want you to think anything else. But I need to be alone”.

I tell her” I understand and that I’m there for you if you want to talk.”
She says “thank you :) I like you so much”.

The next day in despair I loose it and send her 2 more texts, telling her I need to speak to her and if she has any feelings. She has to come and talk to me in person.

I get no reply on any of my texts. She removes me from Facebook and probably blocked me on msn. I sent her a last text where I said I was sorry for texting her and that I like her a lot. And that I understand she needs to be alone.

No reply of course.

I understand she needs time. But the no reply completely blocking me out is scaring me. I don’t understand. We haven’t been together for 2 weeks, I haven’t seen her since she left. I mean if everything was fine before, how can it not be now when we haven’t even been together.

will she come back
I know she haven’t cheated. Because she isn’t like that. We was together for probably around 1 month. And it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

I love her dearly and can’t live without her. Seriously, I can’t. I’m so unstable right now it’s unbelievable..

I haven’t terrorized her. I haven’t called her. Only texted and not a lot. Only maybe 2 days after she said she needed to be alone. And I’m stopping now. (I only texted on cellphone, not Facebook or MSN)

Is she coming back?

What is going through her mind?

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