So this is my (sad) story… My husband and I got married about 2 months ago. We SAVED our selves till marriage, I’m in my early 20s hes in his mid 20s. We seen each other for a few years, we did mess around but never had sex till we got married. So i would imagine us being like rabbits but we are NOT. I want to have sex all the time NOT HIM! This is his reason! he’s been in gym ever since like 14 so he has really good results now and one day he read in some sport magazine that its not good to have sex more than 2-3 times a week. So that’s what he is doing. And I can’t talk him out of it I mean it sucks!! He doesn’t want to have more sex cause he wants to do good in gym, for him gym is #1 its always been. Okay i do respect him being a bodybuilder and all that but is there anyway we can have more sex like at least everyday. I mean I’m a hot girl: 5.6, long healthy hair, 34D, small waist, mid size a$$ I know its not cause of my body and he thinks I am drop dead hot too. I did try to tease him, dress up, text him naughty, all kinda of things BUT it doesn’t work or if it does and we start having sex then in the middle of sex he will remember HIS gym and boom "it" dies, and I just want to cry. How can I make him want more sex with this gym thing? I don’t want to leave him he means the whole world to me! And we did talk about it I told him that I feel undesired and all that but he says he doesn’t want to do anything that would make his results in gym go down. Can anyone give me some advice here PLEASE HELP! I want more sex! and I don’t want a divorce for SURE!

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