Ok, I put out a question prior, and all of you people who I don’t know, are beautiful and thanks for the words of help. Bottom line is can you girls tell me if she can love me again. Remember i didn’t cheat on her, i dont abuse her and i dont put her down. I am just a easy going guy. Sure i know what pisses her off and im sure i have pressed her buttons but the big picture is to do anything to make the other happy. I am willing to do anything. Can she love me again. What do i need to do to get her there. Please tell me what she needs. i love her and my kids too much to give up. we are in counclling as well. With her mom being married 6 times i dont think its fair that she has been givin the life she has. I see her as a beautifull person but all she does is yell and scream. I want her to be happy and its not her falt that life didnt give her a good past. I feel i was put in her life because i where my heart on my sleave. I dont know whats its like to think negative. please help.

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