How Do I Make My Wife Fall For Me AgainJust recently I’ve been seeing a change in my wife’s behavior. After constant arguing over the lack of sex, hugs and kisses I was able to get her to tell me the truth.

She admitted that she doesn’t love me anymore.

This of course broke my heart. I was there for her from the day we met. I helped her through so many of her personal problems with her family and finances. I work hard with the thought of her and the baby in mind.

I only want the best for us, but we are struggling. When I first met her, I was more of a hot head. I hung out a lot, went out drinking. Is it possible that she fell in love with me in the past but the new calm me is not what she wants?

She doesn’t like to talk about this, she refuses to see a counselor, but at the same time she wants to stay with me. She tells me that she can’t leave me. That I’m her best friend and I’m all that she has.

She still refers to me as babe, and that messes with my head. She swears that it has nothing to do with another guy.

I tried to get her to come with me to see a marriage counselor, but she refuses to go. She says she knows what she feels and she doesn’t need them to tell her this.

It’s so weird, she found a new apartment for us to live in. When I told her I couldn’t live with her she cried. She can easily move in with her sister or mother. They’re all financially secure.

But she still wants me to stay with her. But just as friends. I told her that there is no way I would accept her going out on dates while I’m living with her and she continues to get angry over that, constantly reminding me it’s not about men.And she’s not interested.

How can I get her counseling if she wont go?

I really appreciate all of the responces. It really means a lot.

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