We are best friends, no kids, rely on each other a lot, and he says he still finds me attractive. Both of our hearts are still hurting from the split (it was due to horrible communication and fighting.) I know he still has feelings for me but just isn’t in love. What can i do?
He knows that i still love him, but he is a man of much pride and doesn’t like to show weakness or regret. We talk daily and just bought a house together for investment. He is currently trying to fill his lonely void by wanting to date, but he has always said that my friendship will always be priority. I know his heart is still not ready to open to me because it was hurt for so long. It has to do with the death of my father and the depression that followed. It tore us apart and instead of dealing with it, it grew and grew.
He has also said that he will never rule out the possibility of us getting back together. I know we need to have a clean slate and learn to trust again.

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