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Ok this is going to be kinda long so please bare with me..

My husband and I have been having problems for awhile. There were somethings he lied about in the past and we were working through them. Then about 3 months ago he started going out every Saterday with his best friend. ( I work 3rd Thurs-Sat) This Friend named Ant I CAN NOT STAND. : )after 7 month of Marriage he asked my husband how many girls he had slept with scens getting married.) Ok Back to the story.

On Dec, 20 my husband stayed the night at this guys house and cut his phone off so at 7am when I got off of work, I drove there and after about 5 min my husband answers the door. I ask if I can come inside he asks why, I tell him I want to see who is there. He tells me that 4 girls stayed the night as well. I got in my car and left I went home and packed a bag for me and our 2 year old ( mind you I am 2 months Pregnat) I go and Get our little girl from his moms house I go to my parents house and turn off my phone. Soooooo We talk say that we are going to go to counseling blah blah blah.

On new years I have to work so I tell him if he really want to save our marriage then not to go out with Ant. Well at 12:01 I call him and guess who he is with…….Ant.. So I tell him I am done there is no saving our marriage if he can’t respest my wishes ( now if there are any guys reading this he can go out with any of his other friends any time he wants it just this one guy)

OK So I am planing to go talk to a lawyer after the holidays but On Jan 3rd-4th I had a miscarrage and lost the baby.( not because of strees The baby only measured 4 weeks when it should have been 9). So I still have not made it to go see a lawyer.

As of now We are doing 50/50 he comes and gets her on Thurs and has her till Sunday or Monday depending on the week. I told him we could only do 50/50 if he stoped going out every weekend and its only been 1 but he stayed home all weekend so far and has not had someone eles watch her.

OK he want to do the seperation ( we are in NC and have to be seperated 1 year before a devorice) But he want to start going to marriage counselin anyway. He swares up and down he did nothing!!! I am leaning too he did but I will never no the truth… I love him he is my best friend. And above all thing he loves our child so even if we do go through with the devorce He will still have her.

Just want to know if anyone has and advice or thoughts on the best way to handle this and please no He cheated kick him to the curb, If you have ever been married you know its not that simple. Sorry for the book and if the spelling is really bad please remember I am on pain meds. Thanks for reading and any advive well be taken to heart.

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