So it was about 10 months we been together.
we had a couple of fights.
when she messed up i gave her a chance twice
when i get jealous and we fight she doesnt give me a chance at all

she said i was overprotective eventho i was only worried cus i thought he grinding on gay men was cheating, and her wearing revealing clothes at colleg eparties did not suite me well.

officially we are done i pleaded twice already and she just said no i love you but were not good for eachother and righ now she cant handle a relationship.

so i finally face that its over.

what should i do to get over her.
will she come back to me?
she say she loves me still.
is she going to hook up with another man?
she says shes not gonna go back into a relatonship until 2 years
she says the only way we can get back is if i change or she changes..

i ask her i can change and willing but she just denied me…
friends told me to move on but i coudlnt, instead they were right and i was doomed when she tore my heart again more crying btw us two.


also i asked if her decision was base on her college friends she said yeah they think i should i ask did u ask ur best friend she said no..

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