How Do I Get My Child’s Father Back?

I Want My Child’s Father Back

Today, it’s not uncommon that couples with small children end their relationship, and a lot of women are asking themselves how they can get back with their child’s father.

Fact is, the breakup is often caused by the increased requirements in your everyday life, and it happens even though you in reality never stopped loving each other.

I Want My Child's Father BackA busy schedule, where you as a couple never have the time (or take the time) to communicate, is most commonly the main reason.

You can join forces and collaborate when it comes to things like picking up the children from school and doing the home chores, but you constantly ignore actually sitting down and talk like they used to do before.

When you finally have some time off, you feel the need to relax by watching TV or spend the time with a laptop or cell phone in front of you.

With a close to total lack of communication over time, the breakup becomes inevitable.

However, when you get some distance between yourself and your child’s father, it’s very common that you start thinking about all the good times that you spent together, the everyday moments, the cuddling, the humor, the family life and the joy you shared in you everyday life.

If you want to get back together with him, it’s imperative to take the time to analyze what went wrong the last time. Be real and honest to yourself when you think about this.

What was it that in reality caused the breakup? Was there infidelity or any kind of abuse involved? In that case, you need to think very carefully about getting back together again.

However, if the reason was that you simply forgot to take the time to nurture your love life because of a hectic and energy consuming everyday life filled with arguing, then it can absolutely be worth it to give your relationship a fresh start.

The most important factor here is trust, and both of you have to be willing to work on the way you communicate and treat each other. Go through the difficulties you experienced, so there are no brand new unpleasant surprises down the road. By doing this, you’ll find out if things have changed since the last time you tried to be a couple but didn’t make it work.

Remember, if things are the exact same, you both need to find a way to change them, or your relationship is most likely going to end up in the same ‘trap’ as it did once before.

If you really want your child’s father back, try to establish a firm view and vision of how you want your relationship to be like from now on. If you do this, your relationship will become more stable and robust, so that smaller everyday obstacles will not get in the way.

Also, it’s important that you actually spend quality time together. When you are enjoying yourself together, chances are those romantic feelings will appear once again.

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