How do I get my ex girlfriend back?

We went out almost 2 years and now we’ve been broken up for 5 months. I thought I would be over her, but she still means the world to me. She said that she’s moved on. Is there anything I can do?

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13 Responses to “How do I get my ex girlfriend back?”

  • Robert says:

    Hey Dill,
    Getting back together with your ex girlfriend is not so easy.
    Nevertheless if you decide you and her are meant to be together its achievable.
    Here are some suggestions — assuming, of course, that you want the girl back:

    1. Don’t get too jealous. Remember, jealousy is an emotion and typically refers to the negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity, fear, and anxiety over an anticipated loss of something that the person values, such as a relationship, friendship, or love.

    2.Leave Her Alone. Give her some space to think about the relationship. If you had a wonderful relationship, she’ll feel that she misses you and will try to get back to you.

    3.Terminate all communication. This is tough and it will be killing you, but really it’s killing her more. She’s starting to realize how much she needs you and how much she misses you. Cutting off communication is the greatest step.

    4.Recover Emotionally. You don’t have a chance of getting your ex back if you’re not emotionally calm and controlled. Women dislike needy, clingy, desperate men - so you need to pull your own life together before trying to draw her back into it. Just be calm and collected about the whole condition, and make your life happier. Going for jogging or to the gym will make you feel better too.

    5.Start talking to a different girl. This helps for many reasons. This will probably be too much for your ex. She will find out that you’re talking to this girl, and it will get her back to you. Use with carefulness as it may give the wrong signals, such as a sign that she should move on because you have a new girlfriend.

    6.Act like nothing is wrong. She’s not going to want you back if you’re acting depressed. Make sure you’re laughing a lot and appear as if you are having a good time. This is very hard because of the break up depression.

    7.Look your best. Make sure your acne is gone, you get yourself shaped up, and looking positive. She won’t be able to resist.

    8.Build up confidence.

    9.If you want to get her back, then you should be the Alpha male. Get back the confidence you had earlier when you just began dating her.

    From my experience a good guideline from a book is always helpful for making up with your ex.
    There is a great book I once used which helped me and many people I know of.
    you can review it in the next link:–of-making-up


  • jun ng says:

    oh its too hard , cuz she already move on .
    i think u should go out some where , try to make some new friends . u ll find some one good for u .
    good luck !
    be strong !

  • Jessi P says:

    tell her how you feel and see if she feels the same

  • Bob-O- woods says:

    Nope………….get over it….time to find somebody new.

  • megz says:

    so you’ve talked to her? maybe try again to talk to her, but to be honest if she says she has moved on then there isnt a lot you can do about it. just keep trying though or try to move on yourself.

  • Don says:

    It is very hard to move on. She may have some thoughts, but you must keep that friend ship there. Not just for another chance, but if it goes wrong, you have a "calm, step-down plan." This is only one of a few way you can get her back, but situations like these are sensitive and require special tactics.

  • Karrie says:

    tell her straight how much you miss her. Give her a last chance to get back in the relationship. I f she says no, although it will be sad at least you can move forward.

  • WiiMaster says:

    it’s called a break up. not a break down. get a hobby. go on a coffee date.

  • pallo says:

    Depends on a lot factors….

    *What was the reason for break up? If you cheated , or disrespected her then you probally can’t get her back.

    *Did she outgrow the relationship? If she is young her tastes and feelings about people can change rapidly.

    As for getting her back the key is not to act DESPERATE. Once ANYONE smells desperation human nature is to run away from it. Also if she knows your right there waiting there for her your appeal is less….People like what that cant have easily.

    Best advice keep in touch, be decent , but not desperate THEN get busy living your life … The old saying really is true …If it’s meant to be it will happen. Good luck and go easy on yourself.

  • Dadilak89 says:

    2 years? Wow I feel for you bud… I know its not wut you wanna hear but if she says she’s moved on more than likely she has and u’ve been broken up for 5 months???? Yea …. Little too late son … Go out with ur boys n have a good time …. Don’t look for a girl tho … If you do meet a nice girl make her ur friend and if it grows from there be happy and if it doesn’t u’ll be in no worst position than you were before … Live ur life a nice girl will eventually come around

  • Katy says:

    im no agony aunt but
    first what did u/she do?
    think about your good times and yur bad times if the good things add up more than the bad things read on if not dont bother try and get on with your life
    second if she is going out with some one else you have to do this carefully. make her feel special you need to show her how much she means to u in little ways.
    thirdly take her somewhere secret and tell her how much she means to u and try to make her see be BRAVE and dont try to look like yur obssesed make her remember the best time of your relationship where u laughed and was happy prove to her you love her. do it infront of people if u have to.
    this is all i can do for u good luck i hope you make it

  • centimetro6 says:

    You need a plan. It can be tough to think straight when you’re overly emotional; trust me. That’s why you need a good guide.

  • Tammy says:

    My husband and I almost ended our three-year relationship last December. I didn’t know for sure what happened between him and the woman that we argued about. But I remember that our relationship was strained and we fought everyday over literally everything. We went to a couple of counselings and started to read about rebuilding the trust and respect in relationship. At one point, we started to sit down and talk about our feelings toward each other. Trust me, it helps, since neither one of us is a mind reader. Nowadays, we feel very comfortable talking about what happened and how we could move on and focus on our life together. We are very happy together again, we are bonding like when we first met but even stronger. The true love of your life is the one that makes your heart beat a little faster, the person you are constantly trying to impress, the person whose voice you need to hear, who you enjoy talking to, the person you do the little things for. But most importantly, it is the person you feel comfortable and complete with. If you are serious about making up with your loved one and rebuilding your relationship, this is one book that I highly helped us a lot..

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Free 7-Step Ex Back Action Plan!
First Name:

(Your details will never be sold or passed on to a third party)

Ecourse Contents:

1. Learn why you broke up.

2. Learn to control your emotions.

3. Avoid the top 6 things that will drive your ex away.

4. Why a 30-day no contact period really works.

5. Why you should get physically and mentally fit.

6. The importance of socialising.

7. Calling your ex again for the first time.

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