sex therapy is the last chance i have to save my marriage but i don’t even feel like going. how can you expect to save a marriage when you are not even attracted to the person? we have zero chemistry & sadly, i can’t even remember why i was attracted to him in the first place. i know i was drawn to him because i knew he would take care of me….but i’m older now & don’t need a caretaker. (i was 19 when i married, now i’m 23 and he’s 30).

i actually recommended sex therapy a few years ago but that suggestion was brushed aside. now we are separated (for 7 months) & now he wants to try. he says he’ll do anything.

he is a good man with a heart of gold. i love him more than anyone…..but he just doesn’t get my juices flowing.

so, should i visit a sex tharapist with him, even if i don’t want to? the only reason i’m considering is because he’s really truly willing to do anything…& i feel rotten for not returning the favor….plus, i don’t feel right getting a divorce w/o trying
PS: I have already cheated on him. he knows about it and took me back with open arms, as it was an eye opener for him—-he realized he was not taking care of my emotional and sexual needs.
isn’t it too soon to be feeling the "7 year itch"? i’ve only been married 4 years and started feeling it after a year.

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