My husband and I have been together for 14 years. We were highschool swethearts and had the perfect relationship. Over the years, he has cheated on me once for a period of 6 months during my pregnancy. He has also contacted and ex girlfriend to see if there was anything there. He has also met girls online. He came out to me and told me that he does not know if he loves me anymore, and the reason why he cheats is because he has no feeling for me anymore. he says he thinks there may be someone else out there that can give him tingles. How do I fix my marriage, and bring the spark back in it? He is willing to work on it, but I dont know what to do to make hin fall in love with me. I think he may be going through a midlife crisis, and is re-evaluating his life. Please if anyone knows how to re vamp a relationship, tell me.

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