Me and this girl broke up after 3 1/2 months. (I 29 she 25) Initially she told me that she lost the spark. She wanted to stay friends badly!. I kept asking her i wanted her back sweetly. We fought over the next 3 weeks about getting back. She said things like you cant force it, give it time, etc.. Then she started to call me a crazy person cause i persisted and i know i did. Last night i get a text from her telling me the reasons for a break up. My charm got old. She was no longer attracted to me cause she is outta my league, she felt i was buying her love and my asskising got sickening and now she says she will never be friends and wants nothing to do with me. I think i pushed her to far. Will she ever talk to me again. Has anyone ever had someone talk to them again after something like this. I really just wanted to stay friends. Saw her recently and she said hello. We tried to talk but she said she has nothing to say? The happened to her? She said she will regret the breakup. Why
I saw her this past weekend and we tried to talk, but she said she had nothing to say to me. We hang out at similar places and she talks to my friends. I treated her so well. She always told me how lucky she was to be "stuck" with me and i am the best. Told me she wanted to marry me etc.. have kids and all. All of a sudden you lose feelings. Makes no sense. She did just get out of a 2 1/2 yr verbally abusive relationship which ended in a restraining order, which I come to find out she has started to text him again, nothing more and the texting started while we were together, of course she denied, but I have proof. I guess i was a rebound or what. Do you guys think she just realized she didnt want to be in a relationship cause she was not ready?? Or was she just confused, she is a Gemini and I am a Pisces? Any advice on how I should deal with this? Will she consider me as a friend since our fallout? That is all i really want and i told her so.

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