What Is The Main Reason Relationships End?

Why Do So Many Relationships End?

why do a relationship endIf you take a look at the divorce statistics, I’m sure you’ll get shocked when you see the number of relationships that end and how many people are breaking up.

Actually, about 50 percent of relationships don’t make it.

What it the reason for this fact?

In the ‘good old days’ people were able to stay together way longer, maybe because they in many ways were dependent of each other, both financially and socially.

Both parts in the relationship had important roles that had a supportive function towards the other part. Staying together was often their only option.

Today, most couples have become so independent that they are practically living separate lives, both when it comes to their work and their leisure time.

Small arguments often end up in major conflicts and breakups, simply because the level of tolerance is so reduced.

What is your experience with this?

Do you believe that couples in ‘the old days’ stayed together simply because they were forced to?

How do you think the era of ‘independence’ in a relationship has affected or conception of real love?

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2 thoughts on “What Is The Main Reason Relationships End?

  1. Beck Johnson says:

    I have a question on this subject. I’ve been dating someone for nearly 3 years and we’re now engaged to get married. He was really in love with his ex wife but she used him for what he gave her, lied and cheated on him. They ended on a good note only because he didn’t find out about everything until the divorce was filed and he’s the one that suggested the divorce since he felt like he couldn’t make her happy and didn’t understand why. They were together for 3 years, married for 3 years but a year in between she moved out and they went to counseling. He really fought to do whatever it took to keep the marriage alive and they still struggled. So anyways, fast forward, things are wonderful with us and we are perfect together, but anytime his ex is brought up or the idea of someone contacting her gets brought up, he goes ballistic about some other random thing and starts breaking stuff. Like last night I needed to message her because we’re moving and still getting her mail.
    I thought it would be courteous to give her a heads up to do a change of address and he went off, completely out of the blue. I know he’s over her but I’m trying to figure out where this extreme emotion is coming from and why.. Can you shed some light?

  2. steve lee says:

    I am disabled and have memory problems and my wife of 12 years has a mental problem after my wife had a set back she got very violent and started kicking and punching me till my pain levels went sky high and I punched her back giving her a black eye she did calm down before pushing me in my back and hurting me again she ran to bedroom saying sorry I didn’t mean it I went to her and said what was that all about to which she replied that it was people and demons then two weeks later she had me charged with assault now I have bin throne out and she wont talk to me police say that I cant contact her as she cant me until all this is over police officer says its all over between us and I said she has not told me that her self he says she already has for which I said how,s that then he said by not txt or writing to me do that sound like my marriage is over

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