My husband was very cold and distant to me for years. When I met someone else that is very loving to me and we fell deeply in love, then my husband tried his best to make everything right. Except that he couldn’t work for stalking me and monitoring my every move. He even taped my phone conversations. I had to leave. I am back with my boyfriend and I have filed for divorce. I love my boyfriend very much and he loves me very much. But in the sight of God, I feel so guilty b/c I know it is God’s perfect will for my husband and I to resume our marriage but I can’t go back to the torture that I went through with him for 3 years trying to make it work. This is the worse pickle I have ever gotten myself into. How can you change your feelings for someone? I have tried and tried and I have hurt my boyfriend as well b/c of my struggle with this. Does anyone have answers? Thank You!
You are so blessed Aquanaschild. No, my husband was very selfish with me even in the beginning of our marriage. We were not one at all and he wanted it that way. He also has a very bitter and anger problem. He has had that ever since I have known him. I married him b/c he wasn’t the type to cheat (he has too much control-not very affectionate) I took care of all of my needs while he has stacks of money in the bank. No, it just seems that there is too much water under the bridge…he still has a hateful attitude when my children/grandchildren ever come over which is very very rare, nobody feels comfortable around him.
Sasha, you and Shasha have an excellent answer in combination certainly. Sasha sums it up. Are you both the same people?

God Bless HIS NAME!!!!!
I was trying to choose a best answer and it is difficult for 2 reasons. One, this site is acting as though I am another user instead of the asker. So…the other reason is that there are a lot of good answers here. I appreciate it very much.

But it is true that everyone has their own walk in this world to walk and really no one else can walk it for them. I never in a million years wanted anything to happen to my marriage. It was in very deep trouble from the beginning. My husband was so protective of his possessions. He kept telling me that he knew that I didn’t deserve it but I was going to have to suffer for the rest of my life b/c of what his first wife did to him. He made me sign a prenuptial agreement. We divided our groceries, he bought his, I bought mine. We even had separate cupboards. He use to tell me all the time that I was so lucky that I didn’t have to pay rent. I worked at jobs that deteriorated my health when he had plenty of money in the bank. He is not a warm person
at all. He has never made my children feel comfortable around him. My children like my boyfriend better than my husband. So, I guess that should give me a good clue. Thank you all for your efforts! God Bless You!!!
Shasha you summed it up.
Moving on, you had an excellent answer as well! It is amazing to see all the different perspectives that people have. In the multitude of counselors there is safety. (godly counselors)

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