what can i do to make him want me againA few months ago my husband told me he was not in love with me anymore.

I have been devastated. Two weeks ago we have started marriage counseling, but I see no sign of improvement.

The problem is that besides the counseling sessions he is completely shut down and does not want to talk about it. I bought the entire store of sexy sleepwear, but it seems like i am invisible.

Sometimes it seems like I could take off my skin but he would be completely unaware of my presence.

I am trying to be nice, loving and attentive but he ignores me at best. I have been feeling less and less attractive and my self-esteem does not exist.

I am like a pet frog – an unsightly, unworthy and repulsive. I feel like every day goes by and this hole in my chest is just getting bigger, swallowing my being.

I know he does not love me or believes he does not.

What do I do?

How should i behave to make him fall in love with me?

I appreciate your suggestions.

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