Heres the deal, during the summer this girl and I had a thing, and it was bam instant connection, we talked 24/7 got to know each other really fast and things were great. then as we got closer together she was always on me that i didnt care about anything and such, so i gave time to think and opened up more, just to show her that i cared. things were going great, we were boyfriend and girlfriend and weve fallen in love with eachother. the best relationship i can say ive had so far. but she started getting more busy, she had work and everything, and it made us have a lack of communication. I have no cell phone, and the only way i can talk to her is through AIM or myspace, or on the phone. as this situation occured, communication was going down, i waited for her to call, and got nothing. and whenever i called it was at a bad time cause she was watching TV or whatever else.She hasn’t been on the computer much either. then i confronted her about it and everything to see what was wrong, and she was telling me to quit worrying, but inside me it was odd, because back then NOTHING would stop her from talking to me, i find her pretty clingy myself, but thats what i love about her, cause it shows to me how much she wants to talk to me and everything. eventually it led to a breakup because i seemed "clingy" towards her, and all i did was care. ive let things go for a bit and now were talking again, but it just doesnt feel the same, its been on and off because one day i ignore her and she flips on me and thinks i moved on and all i did was try to prove to her im not like that, then when she does it to me in a way i get all confused, cause right now she wants the relationship just not the title. we have so much history together and im so lost on it all, all i want to do is show her that i am not clingy and want to have everything back to normal between us. I’m not sure if this is a little phase, or if shes confused on it, or anything. she hasnt lost any feelings for me, she just wants things to take slowly, and its so weird for me because when we first got to know eachother we didnt take it slow, we were constantly talking and nothing went wrong at all. any advice please?
also, it bothers me that she rarely talks to me in school. its like im almost not even there, so its very confusing because we both want this to work, but its like she has the urge to talk to me every other day

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