My husband’s family believes he was fine until he met me, and I am starting to believe it as well and I cannot live with myself if I did. It wasn’t until a friend of his got involved that his family began to doubt me and now they have convinced him he doesn’t want anything to do with me. The only people he has left in his immediate family are his brothers and uncle neither live here. I am in nursing school and understand the disease process but did not know he was bipolar until a recent diagnosis so we argued.Now I know what he has and he is very delusional and has been ordered to commitment up to ninety days. Everyone is against me, his doctors never talked to me, I had medical power of attorney and he revoked it verbally while in the hospital. Theses doctors didn’t put him on Lithium until last week almost a month after I had pleaded with them to do so. They had him taking 800mg of seroquel once a day and cymbalta and ambien.I did some research and when his brother talked to the doctor they realized their mistake and changed his meds and the dosage from 800 to 300.Then they finally listened to me about putting him on Lithium. Of course his friends have convince him the problem is not that he has bipolar but our marriage. Yes, we have had our share of problems but looking back on things maybe it was because I was disagreeing with him during a manic phase where I know I cannot win that argument. Or before I knew he was bipolar maybe it was because I saw him spending everything he had on drums, ebay etc. What I want to know is from someone who has gone through this what can I do other than hire an attorney and fight like hell for him or leave. I want to save this and will take on the daily tasks of caring for him but I feel it is too late because he will not talk to me and his family blames me. I tried to get guardianship over him but after his "friend" got involved they sent emails to my attorney saying I was out to get him. I guess the errot with the meds, paying all of his bills, and not running away don’t count for anything. They actually think it is stress and the sad part is, since he is taking his meds in the hospital, and staying away from me, the medication is beginning to work…and they attribute his recovery with me not being there…What do I do? Thank you

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