My girl friend and i broke up a month ago after weve been togheter for over 2 years. We had a great relationship, talked alot about the future, and had everything set right on track. Just like anyother relationship we had ups and downs but those never broke us apart untill recently last month. We got in a very big fight was somewhat violent, screaming yelling and trowing. She said she hated me, so i turn around and walked away. I tried to move on, becouse i felt this went a bit too far. I was very upset and never thought i would go back, she called me alot left me alot of messages asking forgivness and that she wanted to make it work again, at that time i was still furious and ignored what she was saying, then as she kept calling i finally picked up and told her that i have feelings for another girl. It worked she never called back again. after about a month i missed her alot, and i just cant be without her, so i try to go back, she did not want to at first, but agreed. will she?
iam sorry no one ever loved you flam

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