We were together for 5 weeks. Yesterday I thought that we had it great. We both just got back from winter break, and we finally got to see each other. Then he pulled me a side and broke up with me. I didn’t know what I did wrong. He said I was the perfect girlfriend…

Then I emailed him, and he said it wasn’t something that I did, and it wasn’t for another girl. He just said he didn’t really like me that much. Ever since I have been crying and crying. A lot of people at school call me popular and hot. But I just think of myself as any other kid.

Now a lot of people call him ugly and dumb. I think of him as popular and me ugly and dumb. Everyone says that he would be lucky to have me.

But I think that I was lucky to have him… I am not going to school today, because i sprained my leg, but i’m going back tomorrow. He said he wanted to talk to me in person.

He knows he hurt me a lot, and he is trying to make me feel better. He asked if we could just be friends, but I said I don’t know. That would just be weird. I still love him. Well when I get back to school, I really want to talk to him. I had a dream last night, that i want to reenact.

I would talk to him, and then say,”Can i ask you something?” Then I would kiss him, for the first time on the lips, and ask to get back together.

Do you think I should do this?

A lot of my friends say I should, and i really want to. Would this be a bad move? From past boyfriends, they said I was a good kisser.

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