We were together for 2 years and have been broken up for 4 months. He’s been calling me straight for a month, he sometimes don’t want me to have a page in MySpace because then a guy is going to talk to me and he don’t want that…

He’ll don’t be wanting me sometimes to go out…

Okay, we were each other first – both 17. I’m older by 5 months…

We were always there for one and other and we had a adult kind of relationship no high school kiddy thing, He calls me and everything but he don’t like to hear that a guy talk to me he broke up with me and I was always there for him through ups and downs…

He still tell me that he loves me and I love him too and no he is not 1 of those guys that tell u that to get into your pants because he don’t want that…

I haven’t seen him in 3 months now. I made a mistake when I was with him. I told him and he stood by me but 9 months later he left me.

We still love each other but he is still hung over by the mistake I made last year when I let a guy kiss me and I was so hurt that I told him.

However, he stood with me because he loved me and I loved him too. I regret what I let happen .

But 9 months later he left me, he decided us to be friends but sometime when he wants he tells me that he can’t live with out me, and I can’t live without him either

We have been through a lot and it’s hard for us to let go, but what is it?

Is it that we still love each other that we won’t let go? Or what we both don’t want that?

I don’t know what to do. He gets me confused. His guy cousin told him to forget the past and if he love me do something about it. My ex told his cousin he was going to see if he give me a chance again, that’s what his cousin told me and his cousin tells me everything the two of them talk about, especially when he’s drunk…

But what are the signs that HE MIGHT STILL WANT YOU?




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