I’ve been dealing with a breakup from a girl I’ve been with for the past three years. We met at the end of senior year in high school. I went to school 10 hours away freshman year and we stuck through it. I felt stronger and stronger about her each day. I decided to come back home and go to school with her for sophomore year. Again, it was a fantastic year and I loved every minute I spent with her. We were best friends, inseparable and we connected on a very deep level. I knew I loved this girl but I felt like I needed to go back to my first school to get a significantly better degree. At the end of sophomore year I told her I wanted to go back. She began to pull away until I told her I was doing it for us and to better my future. That made her feel better but she still pulled back. I kind of changed too as a result. I felt weird about her actions and I knew she took my leaving as a slap in the face. I began to be more short with her and our relationship took a turn for the worst. I thought everything was fine until one day a couple weeks before I left that she came in my bedroom as I woke up and said she wanted to be single the next year. She said the way I had been acting, the distance, and everything made her want this. I went through many stages of falling apart, anger, upset, numb, happy, just every emotion. A few weeks ago I got to school and my feelings stabilized. I realized that this is a girl worth fighting for. I took a look at myself and the way I had acted to push her away. I think God forced me to make the decision to leave to better myself and now I feel like I can be the most amazing boyfriend to her. I’m now going back home because I don’t feel this is the place for me right now. This decision was not because of her, but it doesn’t hurt that the love of my life is there. She’s been kind of seeing somebody now. She says she likes him but still loves me. She asks me why I’d deserve a second chance after hurting her. She says maybe in a few years we can try again. I know I’ve changed and I know that our relationship is right. I know I can be everything this girl could ever want. I know her better than anyone in the world. We are still best friends. I’m afraid she’s already written me off because she is unsure and doesn’t want to be hurt again, even though she hasn’t told me this. I’m going back in a few days and I’ve gotten her to go to dinner with me this upcoming weekend. She says its strictly as friends. I want to show her I can be a great boyfriend but how can I do this as just a friend? How can I show her I’ve changed and will always make her happy? What about this other guy, I’ve been supportive but how do I approach it? If you’ve read this far then I really appreciate it and I look forward to hearing back. Thanks.
No need to be a dick Linah. Thanks to everyone else who’s taking me seriously
@ LM: correction, shes not with another guy just seeing him. she says she doesn’t want to be his girlfriend even though hes asked…makes me think even more shes confused as to what to do

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