I’m 32. I have been married for going on 4 years. Not long at all. My wife and I became reconnected about five years ago. About a year after that I asked her to marry me. A little quick I understand. I don’t think we took enough time to get to know each other the way we should have before marriage. About a year went by and we ended up in counseling. We went for about two months and she said we didn’t need it anymore. I felt we did. We DON’T have a lot in common, food music, sense of humor, passion for sex, or foreplay, for that matter which in my book is huge. I’m not saying that I’m just some overly horny guy but I like a little excitement when it come to sex. Not just hop on and lets go. To make matters more complicated we are pregnant. It’s our first, but I’ve fallen out of love with her. I don’t hate her or anything I just don’t think we are meant to be together. She on the other hand does not believe this at all. I’ve been going to counseling and she finally just started this week. I’m not running away, I want to be there for our child and I want to make sure that my wife is comfortable. I’ve told her how I feel and I feel like an ass for doing so. The past two years just seems to have leveled out and fizzled to nothingness. I probably should have discussed this with her before getting pregnant. I just don’t feel it anymore! Any feed back would be helpful.

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