One day I was telling my husband that I needed him to take more time out with me to help me practice for my driver’s license. Well, he just up and told me that I need to talk to the man that pissed in my momma’s *****. My husband I have been married for seven years now. We have three kids together. We both are 30 years old. I don’t have my driver’s license, and I really want to get it. My mom died when I was 7 years old. She has been dead for 23 years as of now.. Should I leave him for saying something like this to me? This is not the first time that he has said anything bad about my mom to me. One time, he got so mad at me and he told me to die like my momma. My momma died by getting hit by a car. I think someone murdered her. There was never closure to her death. Why does my husband treat me this way? I love him and I take good care of our kids when he is always gone. I have no job, and no money… I have left him about three times since we was married, mostly for Domestic Violence situations. I have taken him back later down the line, believing that he has changed and that he really loves me and the kids.. I hated to see the kids without a father in their lives. But right now, I am hurting.. I want out of this marriage.. But, I have no help. I can’t work because of a Herniated Disc in my back.. I am waitiing on the results of my SSI appeal. I don’t know what decision will be made.. I have no money, no car, no driver’s license.. I don’t even have any money in the bank nor on me.. I am scared… I love him, but right at this time that is not even enough tp save this marriage. I have been unahppy with him for a while now,. I have even told him so, but still he stays with me.. He wants to work out whatever with me.. But, I don’t know if I can put up with his ways anymore..

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