ok I know these questions arre all over the net, and yahoo questions, but need some answers.
I made and earlier question on how to fall in love again with my spouse. well now I want to know how to tell if she is actually out of love or just confused.
My wife told me she is not in love with me, I have been trying my hardest to get her to fall back in love, ie( roses , cook for her, clean, write love notes, etc…) well during this time if our split we still live in same house and we watch tv together and stuff I scratch her back, rub her feet, rub her head, I have kissed her on neck and at first she did not fight it but then a second later she said stop, we do not sleep togeteher, I ask her if this bothers her and wants mne to stop she says she does not know, I ask her if her feelings have changed and she does not answer. I tell her that she is not leading me on when I do these things,I truly love doing it for her it makes her feel good. I feel though that she does love me.am I wrong
ok some detail. I do notr beleive she is in love with someone else, i truly feel, that she does not know what she wants. I have given her time lots of it. I know I am probably overthinking this , but feel if i don’t do something now she will think her feelings are correct and we will never get back together, she is depressed a lot, she does have a lot of things to do during day which I want to help but they are things that only she can do. she is a worry wart she worrys about everything she is always worried we will come home and the house will be on fire, or broke into. I feel that with all these worries and things todo she can not give herself time to think about us. I would love to make it where she did not have to do anything at home so she would not worry so much, I feel this is what is keeping her from concentrating on whats important ie our family.

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